Posted by: vallisworld | April 28, 2009


ravva pulihora


rice ravva: 1 cup

water: 3cups

turmeric powder: 1/2 spoon

lemons:4/tamarind pulp: 1/2 cup

salt: to taste

green chilles -4

curry leaves: hand full

red chilles:4

groundnuts: handfull

chana dal – 2 spoons

urad dal- 2 spoon

avalu-1 spoon

oil- 3 spoons



take a big pan boil water .when the bubbles comeĀ  add 1 spoon of oil .now add ravva to the waterand cook for 5 mins .when it is done close the pan with a lid and cook for another 2 mins

now cool the mixture add turmeric powder and keep aside

now take a pan amd heat the oil .now add the temering agents one by one and fry them lastly fry green chilles and curry leaves

at this time add a small quantity of hing and turmeric

now add lemon juice to the mixture

and mix well

tasty ravva pulihora is ready to eat

this dish can be done using tamarind pulp also

both ways tastes good



  1. Wow Ravva pulihora sounds great… looks very yummy too… My first visit here, nice space have blogrolled you shall keep coming by for more!!! you can viist my blog @ htto://

  2. Vow Valli, You are great!!! Rava pulihora is my favourite item. I will try this.


  3. mouthwatering recipes……

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