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Bobbatlu (Andhra), Obbatu (Karnataka) or Puran poli (Maharashtra), whatever the name is, this is one divine sweet which no one can resist. It is very popular during festivals and weddings or as a matter of fact at any kind of functions.

I always felt (even now I feel the same) that it needs a bit of tack tick and patience to make this sweet.The key point is to make sure the purnam filling doesn’t come out of the dough when we are rolling it.


for purnam:

chana dal : 1 cup ( pachi sengapappu)

jaggery : 1cup

cardamom: 3-4

cook chana dal in a pressure cooker for 2 whistles.It’s important not to over cook the dal. Drain all the water (make sure there is absolutely no water in the dal) and let the dal cool down for few minutes. now grind this chana dal 

now take a pan and add jaggery and little amount of water and stirr it well.we should get unda pakam.for this test whether we got the rigt consistency  take  little amount of water in a bowl and pour some pakam into it when we can make that pakam into ball shape and hit it it should sound then the right consistency is obtained

then add chana dal and let it cool for some time

now add Cardamom powder to the mixture

after cooling make round balls of purnam and keep aside



for covering:

all purpouse flou( maida) : 1 1/2 cups

oil : 4 spoons

salt : 1 pinch

Mix all the above ingredients with some water. The consistency of the dough should be little bit softer than chapathi dough. When you pull the dough, it should stretch easily. Cover the dough and leave it for an hour or two.


Now take the maida dough which has been resting for atleast an hour.

How much of dough needed for the purnam?
I take dough which is about 1/3rd the size of my purnam ball. The whole idea is that the dough should be less than the purnam.

now take a plastic sheet put some oil/ghee on it. Take the maida dough spread it little bit, then put the purnam ball and close it .

Now at this point you can roll it like a chapathi using a rolling pin or you can just use your hand (Dip some oil in your hands while rolling the bobbatu) and spread it slowly.


Now on pan, put some oil/ghee and cook the bobbatlu on a very low heat.

Right before serving apply some more Ghee to it and enjoy the bobbatlu




  1. wow..nice post there…i wud love to try this out…mmm bobbatlu are soo yummy…thanks for sharing such a tasty recipe. great post.

  2. hi thanks rads …do try this recipe and let me know how u got it

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