Posted by: vallisworld | April 17, 2009

chukkakura paratha


chukkakura -2 big bowls 

salt- to taste

chille powder- to taste

jeera powder-1/2 spoon

dhaniya powder-1/2 spoon

wheat flour- 1 cup

oil-2 spoons

first take a pan add 1 spoon oil and when the oil is heated  add jeera powder ,dhaniya powder and fry it add chukkakura which is finely cut into pieces.fry for 2 min when water comes out it is done .remove from flame add salt.chille powder and flour and make a dough .( water in the leaves will be sufficent to make the dough,no need to add water)



now divide the dough in to equal parts.

take a rolling pin and roll them into chapathis

fry on both sides with a spoon of  oil

serve with pickle .its yummy in taste




  1. Hello

    nice post………..thanx for shareing

    never heared chukkakura paratha.

    nice receipe.

    bye and take care

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