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nuvvula podi



nuvvulu: 1/4 kg

red chilles: 15

jeera- 1 spoon

hing- 1/2 spoon

turmeric-1/4 spoon


fry nuvvulu in a dry pan untill they turn red colour then addred chilles and jeera and fry them for 3-5 min
while frying stirr the ingredients continuously

cool the mixture … now add hing and turmeric and grind them
nuvvula podi is ready to eat with hot rice


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Mirchi Bajji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



mirchis ( big ones) green chilles -15

warm  ( ajwan)     -100 gms

salt    – to taste

basin flour  – 2 cups

rice flour -1/4 cup

oil – for deep frying


first grind warm ,salt and 2 spoons of basin and keep the mixture aside

Now take mirchis  ,with a sharp knife make  a slit  and remove the seeds and vein from the mirchi .

now stuff all the mirchis with the warm mixture

In onther bowl mix beasen flour ,rice flour ,salt with water to get thick consistency batter

Heat oil in a pan  when the oil is heated ,dip stuffed michi in to the besan flour mixture and drop them in to oil fry them remove from heat

now fry all mirchis in the above manner

now repeat frying bajjis for the second time …mirchi bajjis are done



onions -2


coriander leaves-2 spoons

fried peanuts-2spoons

cut onions in to small pieces.add coriander leaves ,fried peanuts and lemon juice  in a bowl

now make a slit into bajji and stuff them with onion mixture

mirchi bajji is ready to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

enjoy as an evening snack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Embosing painting


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maramaralu undalu

These days i was busy with my house hold things and i was away from blogging…miss u all friends…today ifelt happy in updating blog by this special sweet which is liked by every one


maramaralu :150 gms
jaggery: 250 gms
a pinch of elachi powder
2 spoons ghee
water: 1/2 cup


take a wide pan and pour jaggery and water and boil the mixture until u get the thick ball consistency….
thick ball consistency:
take alil amount of water in a plate and pour a lil bit of mixture in to it if u get a ball when u touch with ur fingers then the consitency is enough
add 2 spoons of ghee to the mixture
add a pinch of elachi powder
pour maramalu into the jaggery mixture..remove from heat and make them balls
yummy maramaralu undalu are ready to eat


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ravva pulihora


rice ravva: 1 cup

water: 3cups

turmeric powder: 1/2 spoon

lemons:4/tamarind pulp: 1/2 cup

salt: to taste

green chilles -4

curry leaves: hand full

red chilles:4

groundnuts: handfull

chana dal – 2 spoons

urad dal- 2 spoon

avalu-1 spoon

oil- 3 spoons



take a big pan boil water .when the bubbles come  add 1 spoon of oil .now add ravva to the waterand cook for 5 mins .when it is done close the pan with a lid and cook for another 2 mins

now cool the mixture add turmeric powder and keep aside

now take a pan amd heat the oil .now add the temering agents one by one and fry them lastly fry green chilles and curry leaves

at this time add a small quantity of hing and turmeric

now add lemon juice to the mixture

and mix well

tasty ravva pulihora is ready to eat

this dish can be done using tamarind pulp also

both ways tastes good

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