Posted by: vallisworld | March 23, 2009

Nano Mania








It’s the small car that’s driving big dreams for millions of Indians who are waiting to ride their own set of four wheels.


Tata Nano – the car that caught the world’s imagination as the cheapest ever – will finally be rolled out commercially on Monday in Mumbai in a mega event organised by Tata Motors.


The Tata group, India’s largest industrial house, hit the global headlines last year, both after unveiling the Nano at the Auto Show in New Delhi and then becoming the centrepiece of a political controversy over the location of its plant at Singur in West Bengal.

The $62.5 billion group finally had to shift its factory to Sanand in Gujarat after cascading politically-motivated protests over land acquisition from farmers raised questions over the company’s ability to stick to its launch deadline, informally set for October 2008.

Tata Motors says it may want to start advance bookings for the 624-cc car from the second week of April. The jellybean car has a snub nose, a sloping roof and just about room for five to squeeze in.

Touted as the next revolution in automobiles after the legendary Model T, The Nano will be available in three variants – standard, deluxe and luxury. The base model will have no air-conditioning.


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