Posted by: vallisworld | March 21, 2009

Ravva Dosa


bombay ravva – 2 cups

rice flour  -1 cup

maida   -1 cup

jeera  -2 spoons

green chillies  -4

onions  -2

salt- to taste

butter milk -2 glasses (optional)or else we can use water also ..but by adding butter milk we get a different sour tatse 









take a big bowl  add bomabay ravva,rice flour,maida,jeera,green chillies chopped ,salt butter milk  and mix the mixture well without forming lumps

now add water and make the dosa batter in such a way that it should be watery

keep this mixture aside for 3- 4 hrs

now take a pan and heat it

for ravva dosa we should not pour the batter on the pan and make rounds.the batter will stick to the pan immediately

so the batter should be poured to form a dosa shape




now add onions and 2 spoons of oil


wait for 2 min for the dosa to will take more time for ravva dosa than ordinary dosa 

when the corners turn red move to the other side and cook 

ravva dosa is ready to eat.

we can also carrot as topping according to ur taste





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