Posted by: vallisworld | March 20, 2009

Totakura,mulakkada,ullipaya pulusu


totakura – 2 bowls chopped

mullakada cut in to pieces-10

onions -4

tammarind – 1 big lemon sized or amchur powder- 1spoon

rice flour – 1 spoon

turmeric- 1/4 th spoon

salt -to taste

chilli powder – to taste

green chilles – 2 

for tadaka:

oil 2 spoons

senagapappu-1 spoon

minapappu-1 spoon

avalu -1/2 spoon

jeera -1/2 spoon


red chilles -2

hing – 2 pinches


wash totakura leaves and chop them .onions should be cut into four pieces.
take a big bowl and transfer totakura,mullakada , onions,green chilles and add water and turmeric and put on the stove for 10 min



when it is cooked add salt ,tamarind pulp or amachur powder

now take rice flour in a bowl and add water and make into thin paste 







add this paste to the boiling mixture. this will prevent from forming lumps

now add chilli powder and cook for 5 min
at this time u have to stirr the mixture or else the bottom will be burnt



when u see the mixture becoming thick and it is fully boiled remove from heat

now take a pan and add oil and add one by one senagapappu,minapappu,avalu,jeera,mentulu,red chilles and hing



add this tadaka to the pulusu



now totakura pulusu is ready to serve with rice or it can be taken with chapathi also


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