Posted by: vallisworld | March 9, 2009

arati doota kora( ava pettinadi)


aratikaya doota:1/2 kg

senaga pappu-2 spoons

minapappu-2 spoons

avalu 1 spoon

jeera -1 sspoon

mirchi 5-6

curry leaves-one hand full

tamarind- 1 big lemon sized or amchur powder  2 spoons

turmeric powder – 1 spoon

salt  to taste

for ava:
 avalu -2 spoons

red chilles -3

 grind the mixture with little water and add 2 spoons of oil in the mixture and keep aside




first peel the skin of arati doota and cut them in circular shapes and remove the fiber while cuttig them in circular shapes 

now slice them into small pieces


now take a big vessel  with water and add  1 glass of butter milk to the water

now place the chooped arati doota in the mixture

this will prevent them from not turning black

after all the chopping is done take a chalk and dip in the nixture and turn in circular motion 

if there is any more fiber in it it will get removed by this procedure



while cooking remove the butter milk water and pour fresh water and cook for 10 mins

add turmeric powder also

remove from heat 

strain the water 


now take a big pan

add oil to it

now add all popu  gingalu one by one senagapappu,minapappu,avalu,jeera

then fry curry leaves and mirchi

now add the cooked arati doota

add salt according to taste

add tamarind pulp or amachur powder

after it is cooked fully


remove from heat and add ava to the mixture



leave aside for 1/2 hr 

serve with rice 

nice combination for this curry is avakaya and mamidikaya pappu




  1. Hi, nice post. I have been thinking about this issue,so thanks for writing. I will definitely be coming back to your site.

  2. Hello

    nice post…..thanx for shareing.

    I like andhra traditonal dishes being telugu brahmins. v call it aarati davva…whereas u called a doota.


  3. Hello,

    nice post…..thanx for shareing.

    v prepare from this DAVVA MUKKALU also…with AVA petti….v call it DAVVA whereas u called it DOOTA,

    i like our traditional dishes.


  4. thanks tara for such nice compliments

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