Posted by: vallisworld | February 19, 2009

saggubiyyam vadiyalu


saggubiyyam vadiyalu


1 glass saggubiyyam

7 glasses water

mirchi allam and salt paste( as per taste)

butter milk 1 small glass

oil 2 spoons


boil the mixture in night and keep vadiyalu in the morning 
they come out well in this procedure

first wash saggu biyyam and keep aside 

pour 7 glasses of water in a big vessel and boil it

while boiling add 2spoons oil and mirchi allam paste and saggubiyyam 

boil until u see saggubiyyam like transparent stage

at the end add a small glass of buttermilk,by adding this when frying vadiyalu u will get them in white colour

u feel that the mixture is watery

but by morning it becomes thick dont get afraid of it

place on the cover with small spoon 
dry it in the red hot sun

next day turn to the other side dry them

dry it for 2-3 days ( according to the weather)
store them in a air tight container an fry them when u need 

it will be good for evening snack also



  1. wow………..
    thanx for posting this article

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