Posted by: vallisworld | February 19, 2009




bombay ravva-1 glass

water- 6 glasses

salt,allam mirchi paste- as required ( but salt should be less and mirchi should be more) after drying salt will be more

oil -2 spoons

buttermilk – 1 glass


first boil water and while boiling add salt,alam ,mirchi paste

add 2 spoons of oil

when the mixture is boiled add ravva and cook for 5 mins

add buttermilk and cool it for 15 mins

place the mixture with the help of small spoon on a plastic sheet in small shapes

if it is a red hot sunny day they come out off the plastic sheet in the evening

dry them for 5-6 days


they look that they are dried on the next day

but we should dry them for 5-6 days

or else when frying them they become soggy

after drying them store them in an air tight container



fry them when u need

this is also a good evening snack in rainy season 


hi friends 

we can also make them like jantikalu

its a different taste …tastes good

what to do is all is same procedure but for 1 glass ravva add only 3 1/2 glass water and boil them.

cool the mixture and place it in the jantikalu making machine having one hole and make jantikalu as amall rounds on the plastic sheet

dry them and store in an air tight container


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