Posted by: vallisworld | December 24, 2008




MILK MAID 500 ML tin-1

ghee           – 1cup

water    -1 cup

maida    – 1cup

cashew nuts-1cup

tuti fruity pieces- 1 cup

vennila essence – 3 drops

sugar   – 4 spoons

baking powder  a  pinch

first  add 1 cup of ghee and 1 cup of water to milmaid and boil till the bubbles come. put of the flame and add 1 cup of maida to the mixture

add cashew nuts ,tutifruity and a pinch of baking powder

add 4 spoons of sugar

add 3 drops of vannila essence

greese the oven tin with ghee and pour the mixture till half


Test: after 35-40 min take a chalk and dip ito the cake.if nothing sticks to the chalk

then the cake is done



icing of cake


icing sugar   1 cup

butter  1 cup

beat icing sugar and butter and cool the mixturefor an hour

design    the cake as u wish


enjoyyy chirstmas and new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







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